• 2013-06-18 01:03:05
  • Kungho Technology Company Limited
  • Freeware
  • Windows
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A serious of customized functions give convenience to game players.
1. Game Speed
125 times game speed, the max speed of map switching, the max speed of teleporting image, game upgrading,
moving faster, accelerating Farm speed, saving more game time and increasing game fun!
To enable deceleration, the cost of CPU of flash pages could be reduced, entire performance would be promoted.
2. Multi Account Open
Multiple accounts could be opened simultaneously and managed easily. Starting game just by one simple click will not result in any problems.
3. Mouse Record
Mouse Record function could simulate the behaviors of game players, multiply fastly automatically.
4. Automatic Call
Players could set automatic call in dialog, which improves the success rate of transaction, reduce duplicate operation manually.
5. Game Doctor
Game doctor function solves all troubles like clearing, repairing, optimizing system environment, Improving PC performance just by one key.
6. Other functions: Game specific tools
Game alarm, screen capture, mute, boss key etc.. Players can gain more convenience from those functions.