Trace My Notebook

  • 2015-09-26 23:23:14
  • DuoKomp Software & Web Development
  • Shareware
  • Windows
  • 3.57MB
Trace My Notebook is a combination of software and website allowing to locate stolen notebooks and to establish countermeasures against such types of foul play like dishonest employees and industrial espionage. It works silently in the background on selected computers as a system service. It surveils computer's use without thief's or another bad guy's knowledge, collecting evidence of his illegal actions. Detailed surveillance settings can be easily adjusted not only via managing software installed on the particular machine, but also remotely from website, so the user can quickly answer to changing circumstances. Evidence may be collected particularily as screenshots, camshots and keylogs. Additionally, the application uses GPS receiver, if present onboard the computer, to screen geografical coordinates of the machine. It also collects data about surrounding WiFi networks and connections established with them by the given computer. All this data, as well as information about IP addresses the computer connects with the Internet from, are reported to the legitimate computer's owner via the website. This software is being developed in cooperation with experts on corporate counterintelligence and fighting crimes against property.