Revolutionary Txt Guestbook System 1

  • 2010-09-23 16:43:47
  • FlashComponents
  • Commercial
  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • 4.88MB
For the REVOLUTIONARY FLASH TXT GUESTBOOK SYSTEM, you need nothing but a TEXT FILE to have visitors of your leave a comment with their name and email. What's so revolutionary? No need for XML or MYSQL database to store the submitted posts/comments. Drag and drop the Revolutionary Guestbook System inside your website/fla and Wallah ! No need for an Administration Panel...simply open the txt file and edit/delete the posts you want. Features: CMS IP Blocker, update directly from your website the Ip's you want to block; Ip grabber, grabs the poster Ip and saves the information inside the TXT file; Unlimited amount of postings; Easily restrict the amount of letters for name, email and comment fields; Easily change the characters allowed for name, email and comment fields; Email Validation! Status message letting the user know the submitting status of the posting process.; Extremely easy to implement in your flash application/website; ALL code is commented explaining how the script works.; Simply Drag and Drop to your .fla; Very easy implementation, customization and maintenance; You can completely re-create the design, blank.fla has all the working code with the few necessary dynamic and input text fields + 2 buttons (which can be modified).; Use it as a Guestbook, Message Board or Shoutbox, your choice!; Also displays the total number of posts, the number of the post being viewed and the date when it was posted.