PayPal Button Generator 1.0

  • 2013-08-06 01:03:16
  • Simplex Solver
  • Shareware
  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • 0.38MB
PayPal Button Generator is a very good button maker that creates a Buy Now button and also a personalized thank-you web page that provides a unique download link to your digital items. This download link continues to be valid for a certain number of hours specified by you. Download URL is also protected.

After you have got created the code for a PayPal Buy Now button or a Shopping Cart is definitely really useful so that you can well manage the digital products by Instant Payment Notification (IPN). The IPN module of the application can possibly send customizable emails to notify you and of course, the client concerning the operation that happened with your own electronic products.

There is no need for a database since the incidences of the transactions are stored in a text document for further investigation.

And also if you already utilize an IPN script, you could potentially still make use of it. All variables regarding operation gathered through PayPal will also be directed for even more processing to your own previous script as a POST request.

At first, the form fields already are loaded with valid data matching to a PayPal Buy Now button in Sandbox Test Environment. You simply need to alter all of those fields which are specific to your digital goods. Further it is recommended yet not mandatory to save the PayPal Buy Now button in the current directory to load it later. PayPal Buy Now button can be tested by a simple click.

After transaction, PayPal redirects the internet browser to a custom thank-you web page specified by the merchant. It contains a unique download hyperlink produced through the Payment Data Transfer (PDT) module for these digital items. Optionally, you may customize the thank-you page with particular variables of PayPal Button Generator combined with the ones acquired via PayPal.

In the end, it is truly vitally important to secure your own PayPal Buy Now button or Shopping Cart from fraud on your digital products.