PathmasterDEMO 1.1

  • 2013-06-29 01:03:07
  • Tolmach / SnakesXP
  • Demo
  • Windows
  • 1.78MB
This is The Mah Jong game;You must eliminate all open tiles(click on the same open tiles).You can use the HINT button. (Click on it).
It will show you all open tiles. (Minus 20 points for each use).If you will go the wrong path, you will probably get to a dead end.In this case, TileMatcher will appear. (42 minitiles).It will let you eliminate any open tiles. (Minus 2 points for each use).Just click on the open tile, and after this, click on the corresponding minitile.Full version includes game editor, so You can build your own combinations(62 games).Enjoy!