Litecoin Miner Screen Saver 1.0

  • 2013-08-24 01:02:57
  • Antram Technologies
  • Shareware
  • Windows
  • 5.08MB
If you have a modern Windows-based computer (Vista, 7 or 8) and want to earn Litecoin digital currency when you are not using it, then Litecoin Miner Screen Saver is for you. Ideally you'll need an AMD Radeon-based video card, but other video cards that support OpenCL or even just a plain CPU can work as well.

The fact Litecoin Miner Screen Saver is, well, a screen saver, is significant, because the algorithm for Litecoin mining (Scrypt) requires significant RAM and/or GPU/CPU resources which can impact the ability for you to use your computer for other purposes while mining -- unless you mine when you are not actually using your computer, which is precisely what Litecoin Miner Screen Saver is designed to do.

Once installed and configured properly, Litecoin Miner Screen Saver is unobtrusive. When the screen saver starts, your desktop computer is devoted to mining. When the screen saver stops, it's back to normal activities.

Our free download allows you try Litecoin Miner Screen Saver to make sure it works for you. Should you decide to purchase a license, it will then allow you to change its settings to use the mining pool of your choice.