InboxGuardian 1.0f

  • 2011-02-21 22:07:06
  • Visualware Inc.
  • Shareware
  • Windows
  • 5.23MB
Email spam filter and blocker to stop spam and deliver clean mail to your email client and mobile device. InboxGuardian can remove over 90% of spam email on its first use and due to the way it works can also be used with mobile devices. Spam on mobile devices is getting worse and worse and InboxGuardian helps by acting as a pop server. By setting up a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc) to connect to InboxGuardian it is possible to only receive valid email while using a mobile device.

InboxGuardian allows white lists and blacklists to be created to increase efficiency and stop even more spam from reaching your email client and mobile device. As InboxGuardian evolved from Visualware's eMailTrackerPro product it also displays the country each email came from, this helps endlessly in the battle against phishing emails and identity fraud. Visualware's own spam words database is updated regularly to block the most common spam subjects around to further safeguard against spam email.

InboxGuardian also incorporates DNS blacklists. DNS Blacklists are databases of known spam IP addresses so if any email you receive matches one of these databases it is removed automatically! Common spam languages such as Chinese, Russian and Japanese are also blocked by default. Either of these filters can be easily removed or added at any time for ultimate customization.