Puzzle & Logic/Word Games downloads

  1. Jigazo puzzle Universal Jigsaw Puzzle. 300 pieces which are all just varying shades of a single color - each piece is a generic pixel.
  2. PyramidCollapse 1.2.1 Intrepid explorer wanted for pyramid expedition. Do you have what it takes to solve its collapse and Hidden Object Puzzles to gain access to its many secret chambers? The Gods protecting the dead will reward for restoring the Ancient Artifacts.
  3. SudokuDragon 38 Solves and generates Sudoku puzzles. Download new puzzles from our web site. Type in and solve puzzles printed in Newspapers. Gives hints and suggestions on how to solve a puzzle. Support beginner and expert level alike.
  4. Shapzzle For Windows Phone 8 Shapzzle is an extremely fun puzzle game specially designed for Windows Phone. Shapzzle will challenge you, but provides endless hours of fun. The objective is to convert all the shapes on the board into the target shape given from the beginning.
  5. OgPuzzlePic 1.0 This kind of puzzles are clasified within the dynamic hobbies, particularly in the group where we find a valid combination to solve the enigma. The pieces are placed randomly at the beginning of the game, with this when you start a new game.
  6. Net Tris 1.3 Net Tris, not just a derivation of the classic tetris,it's the challenge you were looking. You are looking for .... but now you needn't looking for it, because you have been found the just one!
  7. Buscaminas 1.2 If you are a fan of arcade game, the biggest video game console's, the classic games or retro game, you have able the minesweeper's download, the biggest game of all time.
  8. Brain Kaizen 1.1 Brain Kaizen is a high-quality collection of brain games carefully designed to rewire your brain to success by improving your cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn new information, and improve your memory.
  9. Word Guess Game 1.2 WordGuess Game is a Windows desktop game that will help your child to learn over 12,000 English words in a funny way.
  10. Chocolate Season HD (Pro) 2.1.0 There are so many digi pool games in the app store, but if you are a chocolate lover, you couldn’t miss this chocolate digi pool game—Chocolate Season. Same as other digi pool games, Chocolate season is a puzzle casual game.
  11. Aros Magic Twist 1.0 Aros Magic Twist is a simple word guessing game. A number of letters is shown on the top panel. You enter all the words you can think of that use each letter exactly once, in a limited amount of time. Includes support for many languages of the world.
  12. The Click 1.0 The Click! is an addictive and relaxing puzzle game, which you can play over and over again, each time pushing your score higher. Become a master of the Click!
  13. LastEnd Maze: Unsafe Mine 1.2.8 Get past a level before the timer runs out and try to get as many points as you can. Contains 10 levels.
  14. OpenKlest 1.0.0 The game for guessing of crossword puzzles.
  15. The Wall 2.5.0 The Wall is a new, original, fast paced puzzle game, easy to play yet challenging and addictive. Your goal is to add bricks to the wall so to make the bouncing ball hit the bomb before time runs out. Think fast, act fast & have fun!