Card downloads

  1. Gin Rummy Pro 2.0 Gin Rummy Pro is a gin rummy card game in which you can play the game a variety of ways and speeds.
  2. Play Solitaire Forever 2.1 The first thing you do when you start using a computer....Play the most popular and classic card game. This is one of the classic original card games ever made. We wish you good luck!
  3. One Foundation 1.2 One Foundation is a solitaire or patience card game. The object is to move all the playing cards from the top area to the "foundation" at the bottom.
  4. RummyFun 2.3.4 Rummy, quite rightly, is one of the most popular card games in the world. This is Rummy in its simplest form and is great fun. You play George, the computer, for a cent a point. George is not so stupid and he will do his best to get your cents.
  5. OhHell and Blackout Oh Hell and Blackout are addictive and fun card games with a difference and you will soon realise why it is called Oh Hell. The only difference with Blackout is in the scoring but you get two games for the price of one.
  6. Agony 1.0.6 Agony is a fast and furious card game for all the family. It is similar to Crazy Eights but more complicated and fun. The game originated in Greece where it is called Agonia. Excellent graphics and startistics of games won against the three robots.
  7. rummy 1 The game of Gin or Gim Rummy is both sophisticated and fun. Download the Rummy software and play instantly.
  8. TCOne Mau Mau 2.4 Mau Mau is very similar to the game Uno and Flaps. - Whoever gets rid of his cards first wins the game. TCOne Mau Mau can be installed on every USB stick. Mau Mau rules:
  9. Eight Off Solitaire 1.3.4 See whether 8 is your lucky number!
  10. Championship Solitaire Challenge for Windows 7.50 Suit Up to Beat the Clock! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Solitaire Challenge!
  11. Hand Foot Canasta 4.14 2 handed game of Hand & Foot Canasta, Won/lost totals, Sound on/off, Save game for play later. Triple deck game to 10,000 points. Very competitive play. Shareware version has 25 "Trial game" limit. Registered versions have unlimited play.
  12. Tower Solitaire 1.0 Tower Solitaire is a fun and intuitive solitaire game inspired by Tripeaks and Golf Solitaire. In this card game, can you remove all the cards to create the medieval tower in this world of fantasy?
  13. Galactic Odyssey Solitaire 1.0 New patience game with two types of gameplay and a lot of levels by You are Galactic Odyssey knocking about the cosmic world. Move from one planet to another and return to the Earth where Penelope is waiting.
  14. Tutorial Bridge II 5.2 Tutorial Bridge is a program for learning the game of contract bridge while at the same time playing and enjoying the game. The user can interact with the program at a rate that is consistent with his or her current knowledge of the game.
  15. Ultimate Bid Whist 2.1 Play the ultimate game of bid whist on your computer. You and a computer partner bid and compete against two computer opponents in this challenging game. Brush up on your game or practice for a tournament. Designed for beginning and advanced players.