BigElevatorsPuzzleDEMO 1.1

  • 2013-07-02 01:03:10
  • SnakesXP / Tolmach
  • Demo
  • Windows
  • 1.72MB
F1 for HELP.It is told that four men eloped with their sweethearts, but in carrying out their plan were compelled to get down on the level G in the elevator which would hold but two persons at a time. Elevator can stop on level A , B or G(destination point) It appears that the young men were so extremely lealous that not one of them would permit his women to remain at any time in the company of any other man or men unless he was also present . Nor was any man to get into the elevator alone when there happened to be a women alone , other than the one to whom he was engage. The women were also jealose and feared that their man would run of with the wrong one. The problem is to guess the quickest way to get the whole party down to level G(ground ) . How many trips would the elevator make to get t he four couples down accordance wi th the imposed conditions ? Press r to resrart game. Press Esc for exit. Left mouse click will put a person in the elevator or will take a person from elevator on the level A , B o r G . Left mouse click on the red a r r o w w i l l s e n d the e l e v a t o r on level A , B o r G . S o l u t i o n = 1 7 trips