Antivirus Software 3.0.1

  • 2013-08-10 01:03:04
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  • Windows
  • 344MB
Is your PC protection software capable of fighting against new and diverse classes of malwares? Does it secures you against permanent data loss, data theft or laptop theft? Can it offer a safe browsing experience to your kids and other family members? If not, then your antivirus software is not a fail safe security tool. The ever advancing modern information era requires you to have an equally advanced security tool which can protect your PC and data from various kinds of security threats. It is the time when you need to think beyond antivirus, else you might fall short of complete protection.
Conventional antivirus programs can only offer you limited protection against malwares and intrusion techniques used by them. However, the threats today are far beyond the traditional virus clean up methodologies used by antivirus software. The malwares of the present times are using aggressive intrusion tactics to exploit the vulnerabilities on your computer. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt efficient combat mechanisms having best in class protection modules for fool proof security.
Protegent complete security software has advanced safety features to tackle most recent virus signatures being sent in by cyber criminals and hackers. The tool has updated virus database and powerful scan engine which is capable of recognizing current security offenders. Moreover, its strong Internet security regime comes with two way firewall for added protection. This virus security application understands all your security needs and goes an extra mile to safeguard your browsing session. It forewarns you about a potentially harmful web page responsible for phishing scam and stops all the unwanted malicious emails with a strong spam filter. Advanced virus security is what Protegent 360 promises to offer you, along with advanced protection from data breach, laptop theft and PC monitoring for added security.