Sexy Snake

  • 2013-03-05 23:47:37
  • Kaleghis Media
  • Paid
  • Android 2.0 and up
  • 0.11MB
The uncensored and ad-free Sexy Snake. No blurred images, like in the free version!

A snake game with a twist. The higher level you get, the more skin the ladies will show...

You need Internet access in order to load new images. The image bank will build up and change over time, so even if you played to the highest level, don't think you have seen them all just yet.

The image bank currently contains over 200 pictures of beautiful sexy women with more or less (or no) clothes on, and continues to grow for each day.

Only tasteful, sensual, erotic and artistic pictures. No porn. Unfortunately, due to market policy, full nudity, exposed breasts and nipples can not be shown. However the high level pictures are very sensual and sexy and feature close to full nudity and a lot of skin.

Tested and verified on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and various anroid phones with different screen sizes.

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