Quit Masturbation The Easy Way

  • 2011-09-22 00:16:48
  • Zankhana Patel
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Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of a person's genitals, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation can be performed manually, by other types of bodily contact (short of sexual intercourse), by use of objects or tools, or by some combination of these methods. Self masturbation is a common form of autoeroticism. Masturbation with a partner, called mutual masturbation, is also common.

Masturbation is sometimes called "self love" or "solo-sex". It is a bad habit. It created problems in our daily life and in some cases it can become an obsession. And that is not healthy. Medically masturbation is not a physical disease. Problems arise when it starts interfering in our lives as a stress, guilt or a thorn in our relationships. Even if little masturbation does that then it is termed "harmful".

Masturbation can create problems in our marital life when we don't quit that even after marriage. This application talks about masturbation , problems that it causes to our life and then it explains some tips and techniques on how to quit this bad habit.

This application gives you a complete in-depth knowledge of most common reasons for this really bad habit and gives you best of the best tips for quitting this bad habit.

So fight this devil inside you today with this must have application and start living a better social, marital and religious life!!!

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