MyFreeCams helper free

  • 2011-09-22 07:22:29
  • Qiziq studios
  • Free
  • Android 2.2 and up
  • 0.14MB
Helper application for

Tell this application who your favorite performers are and it will monitor their online status. Whenever one of your favorites comes online, you will be notified (status text, audio and vibration). contains sexually explicit material. This application will import the performers' thubmnails, which can be explicit, but there is an option to hide them (parental mode in the preferences menu).

In summary, this app holds a list of performers, and shows you their online status at all times, including whether they are in private or in group show.
Whenever someone comes online, you will be notified by means of a notification (status text, audio and vibration), unless you've opted to turn notifications off (silent mode in the preferences menu).
Additionally, a homescreen widget conveniently displays all your favorites currently online.

The advantages of using
* Don't spend time waiting in front of your computer for your favorite performers.
* Don't speculate or guess when your favorite performers will appear online.
* Never again miss a show.

This is a free, fully functional ad-supported version, with some advanced options locked down.


Note: We also have a helper application for