DroiDrum Pro - a pro drum set

  • 2013-03-05 15:55:12
  • Paid
  • Android 2.0 and up
  • 2.09MB
This is the application for playing the drums.

[Key Features]
- Support for multi touch.
- Support for drum tuning, and change the look of the drum.
- Support for add, remove, size and position change.
- Support for volume adjustment according to the hit position of drum.
- Support for playing with motion sensors.
- Support for playing drums by screen slide.
- Support for animation when playing drums.
- Support for adjustment L / R audio balance depending on the location of the drum.

[Only pro version]
1. Increased the types of drums.
- Three Hi-Hat
- Five snare + side stick
- Seven toms
- Five kick drum
- Five crash cymbal
- Three Ride cymbal
- Others (china cymbal, splash cymbal, cowbell)

2. It is more detailed and customizable.
- Adjust the pitch of the drum unit (-12 to +12)
- Adjust the volume of the drum unit
- Drum Unit motion sensor on / off
- Look of the head, change the color of the shell.

3. You can store up to 5 setting.

※ Please enjoy drum playing at high sound quality by using the earphones.
Please use wired earphones, because the bluetooth earphone sound reproduction is delayed.

※ If you uses "Samsung Galaxy S", recommended to update to Android OS 2.3.
The response is greatly improved.

Also of interest "DroiDrum" free version.